Welcome to GreenAddress API documentation

GreenAddress’ aim is to provide a complete, fast and secure API to the Bitcoin blockchain, with the goal of making Bitcoin management easier and as secure and powerful as ever. Currently a limited set of these features is implemented, namely support for creating, sending, and querying transactions contained within GreenAddress wallets, along with some other wallet-related functionalities like authentication and address book.

GreenAddress API uses WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol. WAMP is easy to set up, being a Remote Procedure Calls and PubSub layer on top of WebSockets. It is compatible with the majority of programming languages: Python, Javascript, Cpp, RoR, Java and more.

As you can see in the examples, the procedure is strictly different from a traditional HTTP API, it may take some time to get used to the model but we think it is worth it.

For both our implementions we used the Autobahn framework, which helps the developer to interface with GreenAddress. For best results the API should be implemented with an event-driven logic, where something happens only when it’s needed, without useless looping calls.

API calls are organized in modules, each module covering a different branch of GreenAddress functions (Transactions, Address Book, Login, etc).

Use of the GreenAddress APIs is free of charge however some extra services may be charged for (all API for extra services will be labeled as such)

Users of GreenAddress API:


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